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Nov 23, 2012 4:00am EST
sources that a team led by executives from kpmg as well as a law firm here in india and as of now, the chief financial officer along with another couple of key executives have been suspended. they've been asked not to report to work until this internal investigation is complete. this couldn't have come at a worst time because remember the india parliament has been given the go ahead as far as walmart being able to step up its stores here in india. so this is going to be another reason for the opposition parties to force the government into a possible reversal of the decision. so it's looking difficult for walmart at this point in time. we've tried to contact the company. they have confirmed the investigation is on. there is no time line that's been given by when they expect a conclusion for this internal investigation, but until the investigation is not complete, we've been given to understand that the chief financial officer and the other executives asked not to report to work will not be allowed to be part of the operati operation. this may jeopardize their expansion plans. that
Nov 22, 2012 4:00am EST
and in the case of singapore, tough local law which is try to restrict local gaming. so when china slows down, the bottom lines shrink. joining us to more is aaron fisher. good to see you. thanks for joining us. what happens next particularly on the macao gaming scene? >> we've had some amazing years of growth in made ycamacao. last year's growth rate was 42. but those days are definitely over. average 35% for seven years. the basis got much higher thousand. one of the main reasons why the growth is slowing down is because we are massively capacity constrained in macao and singapore. so the fact that the pmi looks like it's recovering a little bit recently and looking a bit better for next year, we wouldn't expect major growth. we're looking for about 10% growth to next year and also the year after. >> you've analyzed stocks, some companies that will start raining cash. and if you were going to analyze them warren buffett style would be quite attractive. what are they and what are the key characteristics? >> we had a report out called raining cash and still raining cash over the last couple o
Nov 21, 2012 4:00am EST
. they should buy them from the market. >> his party is also considering the revision of the bank of japan law. yesterday the bank of japan chief hit back saying it was unrealistic. >>> just the latest in japan. let's get the market report kicked off by sixuan. >> let me start off with japan. the nikkei rallied, shrugging off the trade data. auto majors such as toyota and nissan gained over 2%. it was a choppy day of trade for china markets. the shanghai composite opened in the green and then dipped to a three and a half year low and rebounding to higher by over a percent. property stocks, most were up around 2% in late trade. the beaten down liquor producers also recouped some of their losses on bargain hunting. we'll get the hsbc flash pmi tomorrow. that will give us more clues about the state of china's economy. hong kong shares also ended higher today. the $3.6 billion ipo of china's insurer seems to be gaining momentum. sources say the company have secured, several corner stone investors, including aig. elsewhere, south korean shares were under pressure on concerns over europe. steel make
Nov 26, 2012 4:00am EST
advantage out of leveraging off the work we've already done. >> this building houses a prominent law firm and while it may be the first of its kind in sydney, it's unlikely to be alone for long with planning similar inclusions in newer buildings. matthew taylor, cnbc, sydney. >>> we'll take a short break. still to come, trade links up next. this week an analyst says britain risks scoring their own goal when it comes to doing business abroad. >>> a study warns britain could score its own goal because of bureaucratic hurdles. louisa spoke to the international advisory panel and asked about the findings of the report. >> the findings are around the fact that the world is changing, the landscape has changed. places that used to be attractive before maybe aren't so attractive now. northern europe is still attractive, southern europe is a let's not go there. the bric companies, they're almost seen as safe havens now. but some of the lessons are there are issues, there are local customs and cultures that may make it difficult. there is going to be ethical question marks and krupg. there may be c
Nov 28, 2012 4:00am EST
markets under u.s. law should have a little bit more confidence that they may actually be able to, you know, get countries to react. i think going forward, this has been a benefit. >> hans, do you expect argentina to make this payment by december 15th? >> that's -- i think what's being suggested now is that if they're going to pursue the legal avenues, that they're going to have to post a payment -- the payment of the 1.3 billion in escrow. what's interesting is guillermo nielsen, the debt negotiator for argentina back in the first go-around, the 2005 exchange, frankly i consider it to be quite a bit part of the problem in not dealing with the creditors, but even he suggested that they post the payment into escrow and let the legal process go. we've heard in argentina that the main person who is opposing sort of a rational process in seeing how this goes is the president, christina fernandez kirshner, but that there seems to be a bit more of thought that they make this payment. actually, just a payment to elliot, to aurelias, i'm not sure it's going to be in the cards. i think the choi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5